Doug Johnson Productions

  • tracks event dates, locations, costs
  • Helps automate building a crew by notifying crew members of opportunities
  • Communication with crew via email, internal messaging, text messages *
  • Utilize both employees and outside contractors for your crew
  • Allows you to build the best crew for your money with a job bidding system
  • Reserve equipment and resources to make sure the crew has what they need 
  • "Copy Event" feature for repeating engagements
  • Text message notifications to crew when it's time to leave for an event *
  • Each day of each event has its own crew and resource assignments
  • Call Sheets are automatically generated and emailed a day ahead of time
  • Call sheets include call times, sunrise/sunset, links to event maps, weather, crew contact information, meal information, and nearby hospitals, restaurants & parking 
  • Daily Labor budgeting
  • Hour-by-Hour schedule agendas/run sheets, assignable to crew members
  • Customizable call, start, end times for each job
  • Build quotations and invoices for clients
  • Quotations can be approved by clients online
  • Automatically import crew labor, equipment use/rental expenses, and travel costs into invoices/quotations
  • Assign pay rates for each hired member of the crew
  • Expense reports to break down where your money is going
  • Add flights, hotel room, and car rentals to events
  • Automatic email notifications to crew of assigned travel plans
  • Text message notifications when it's time to leave for a flight *
  • Automatically import travel expenses into event financial information
New Event
Features available in the Professional and Enterprise subscriptions

* Text messaging features require a separate account

POI features only available in North America