Doug Johnson Productions

Resource Tracking

  • Keeps track of your equipment and other resources
  • Broken down by resource type, owner
  • Track serial numbers, asset tag numbers, dates put into and taken out of service
  • Assign resources to events or crew members
  • Checklists for loading in and out, testing, storage
  • Store links to product manuals
  • Track costs for both owned and rented items
  • Track containers and their contents together or separately
  • Import/Export items using CSV or JSON files
  • Import resource costs from events into event quotations and invoices

Advanced Resource Tracking *

  • Generate and scan QR code labels
  • Track item location -- each time an item is scanned its GPS location is recorded
  • Track maintenance schedules, with upcoming and late reminders
  • Mark items as "Lost or Stolen" and receive notifications when found
  • Depreciation calculations and reporting
* Features available in the Enterprise subscription