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Available CrewAxis Subscription Plans
Name User Login
Accounts *
Resource Tracking   Contacts Other Features Rate Billing Frequency
Starter Plan, Monthly Billing 10 0.5 GB 50 items 25 $ 9.99 Monthly Available for a limited time
Basic, Monthly Billing 20 1 GB 100 items 50 $ 29.00 Monthly
Basic, Annual Billing 25 2 GB 200 items 75 $ 348.00
$ 329.00
12 Months 5% Discount + Bonus Upgrades
Professional, Monthly Billing 50 5 GB 250 items 200 $ 49.00 Monthly
Professional, Annual Billing 70 8 GB 500 items 500 $ 588.00
$ 529.00
12 Months 10% Discount + Bonus Upgrades
Enterprise, Monthly Billing 100 10 GB Advanced, 500 items 500 $ 79.00 Monthly
Enterprise, Annual Billing 150 15 GB Advanced, 1000 items Unlimited $ 948.00
$ 849.00
12 Months 11% Discount + Bonus Upgrades
Free 5 0 GB 15 items 15 Free N/A
* Each crew member and administrator that uses the site needs their own login account.

Basic Tracking allows entry of resource (equipment, locations) information, and reserving resources for events. Advanced Tracking adds QR coding, check in/out, maintenance tracking and reminders, and depreciation calculations.

Feature Matrix

Feature Subscription Level
Free Starter/Basic Professional Enterprise
Site General
Your own custom subdomain (
Full custom domain name (e.g. 
Registration credit included with 6- and 12-month plans  #
Custom images to personalize the look and feel of the site
Custom CSS to personalize the look and feel of the site
Full log of all crew member activity
"Costs Report" to see where your money is going
Customizable List of Job Types
Send Messages to Crew, Track Read Status
Free technical support
Storage for File Attachments (varies by actual plan selected) None 0.5-2 GB 5-8 GB 10-15 GB
Event Scheduling
Schedule Unlimited Number of Events
Unlimited Jobs Per Event
Automatic "New Job" Notifications for Eligible Crew Members
Reminders to Crew Members of Upcoming Jobs
Text Message Reminders to Crew Members §
Color-Coded Event Calendar
Import Events Into External Calendar (via iCal link)
Map Showing Event Location
Create and Email Call Sheets
Create Run Sheets / Run-of-Show / Agendas
Custom Columns on Run Sheets
Assign Equipment (Resources) to Event
Create and View Resource Item Checklists 0
Keep Track of Archive Media Locations
Collaborative Planning with Client and Others using Planning Worksheets
Assign Cast, Executive Team, Other Outside Contacts to Events
Text Messaging Forwarding Between Crew Members §
Attach Files and Web Links to Events
Reminders for Contractors to Submit Invoices
Custom Data Fields in Events
"Projects" to group events, contacts, run sheets, and more
Create Quotations and Invoices for Clients
Enter Itemized Event Costs and Client Rates
Track Crew Travel: Flights, Hotels, Car Rentals, Parking, Food
Crew Members
Crew Member Account Self-Registration
Send Email Invitations to Join Site
Bulk Add New Crew Members
Crew Self-Ranking of Skill Level for Each Job Type
Crew Members Bid on Available Jobs
Advanced email-like messaging between all crew members
Crew Classification: Employee, Contractor, Admin
Managers and Organizers Rating of Crew Member Performance
Crew Members Job History and Rating
Timeclock for Crew Clock In/Out (with reporting) 0
Crew Members Blackout Dates for Unavailable Time Periods
Custom Data Fields for Crew Members
Maximum Number of Crew Member Accounts (varies by actual plan selected) 5 10-25 50-70 100-150
Resource (Asset) Tracking
Add Equipment, Venue, and Other Resources
Import Resources from CSV or Text File
Crew Members Enter Their Available Equipment
Keep Track of Equipment Owners and Rental Rates
Check Resource Items Out to Crew 0
Reporting on Late Checkout Returns
Create and Scan QR Code Labels to Track Resources
Scan Barcode Labels to Track Resources
Track Equipment Depreciation Costs
Custom Data Fields in Assets/Resources
Resource Item Limit (varies by actual plan selected) 15 50-200 250-500 500-1000
Clients and Contacts
Client and Contact Database
Create New Event from Contact Screen
Customer Relationship Management with Follow-up Reminders
View Client Contact History
Customer-Accessible Email Mailing Lists
Custom Data Fields in Clients/Contacts
Contact List Limit (varies by actual plan selected) 15 25-75 200-500 500-500
You must register the domain name separately.

# Registration credit good for one domain name through, up to $19.99 per year.

§ A separate subscription is required.

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